Presentation is Everything


As defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary Presentation is an activity in which someone shows, describes, or explains something to a group of people. A way in which something is arranged, designed, and etc. So lets use this this term in your occupation of graphic design.

When you are designing one’s logo or some sort of Branding, I am sure you put quite a bit of work to get yourself seen. Take my website for example, I present my current and past designs to get myself seen and recognized as being a creditable Entrepreneur. I need my audience to familiarize themselves with my work and especially showing the most important aspect about myself, “Professionalism”!

Present yourself like a trophy on the wall and your work will stand for itself! Presentation is everything and it will shine in the end. The more clients you meet in person or over the phone, the more confident one can be. I am a strong believer in selling yourself on what you’re worth! I’m sure all of us have come across some shady website or untrustworthy individual that we shy away from. I say this in good faith… Don’t be that person!

So lets rehash the term again shall we. Arrange, display, defend and explain your work in the group of individuals. As these are the individuals that will hire you for the great work that you present to them.


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