Child Magazine

The presentation of the Child Magazine was absolutely incredibly fun! I had my daughter pose for me by our nearby park. She was a great sport and spent the whole evening taking as many photos as I could. Of course this was not published but it was a wonderful experience as well as creating some fun mock-ups. Magazine layouts can be fun by means of using the grid system. Be adventurous, be playful and keep it professional as it might be seen by many.

Karate Booklet

This is an instructional "How to Earn Your Yellow Belt" booklet. This is an "EXCELLENT" tutorial for any young sibling. I designed the booklet to be child friendly and visual to the eye. I Created the booklet and instructional aid to help both interested and new students. The contents have animated step by step moves from beginning of class to the complete knowledge of a Yellow Belt.

Healthy Choices

My advertisement and Apple sponsor ad for "Action for Healthy Kids". I designed this to coincide with the traditional Macintosh's Apple logo as a great healthy eating choice. The design is simple with the element of surrounding empty space. Incorporated Apples slogan "Think Different" to allow individuals to think healthy and eat better foods. Some Ads can be overwhelming with too much useless information that is just not needed. The ideal template for an Ad is simple, clean and draws attention. An Ad can be catchy, comical, have a sales gimmick or even fund raising. Know your audience as this will help you target the imagery that is needed to create your design.
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